Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Duggie Fields interview for Dazed Digital

Colourful and quirky artist joins impressive art line up for British Heart Foundation gala
Text by David Hellqvist | Published 12 April 2010

To raise some well-deserved money for a great cause, the British Heart Foundation is holding an art auction at The Dorchester hotel in association with Christie's auction house on Wednesday the 14th of April. The event, entitled The Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, hopes to raise £50 million by selling off donated artwork by the likes of Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Jonathan Yeo and Duggie Fields, who Dazed Digital stole a quick chat with...

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved?
Duggie Fields: Brad Faine asked if I would. I have worked with him over many yers and happened to bump in to him when he was on his way to a meeting about the project.

DD: Tell us about your art piece?
Duggie Fields: It's a digital work drawn with a mouse, but using the computer to produce a virtual image in as close a way as I would make something with a paintbrush on a canvas.

DD: Did you produce several pieces?
Duggie Fields: I worked on three or four other ideas first that got quite over complicated before I decided something simpler would be more effective. I came up with the concept of this combination as I was going to bed one night, tired and frustrated with way the earlier ideas were going.

DD: You're in fine company. who's art piece would you buy and why?
Duggie Fields: I haven't seen most of them yet, but indeed it is quite an impressive array of artists. There are quite a few that I am looking forward to discovering when I get to see them.

DD: Who's the lady in the image?
Duggie Fields: She is possibly based on Raphael Madonna, but I have forgetten! I have been working on a series of Madonnas for some years now. I started this version a couple of years ago, she was originally looking at the child. I did a version first without it, and then this one with the anatomic heart where the child's head would have been.

DD: What are you up to otherwise?
Duggie Fields: I'm currently working on a landscape canvas based on views along the road the castle of Sezzate, an area in Tuscany, Italy, that I have been visiting and painting over the last few years.

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