Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Years ago, there was much talk about how Karl Lagerfeld lost weight to fit into a Dior Homme suit. That was of course a while ago, when Hedi Slimane was still in charge. Who would loose anything, but their common sense, to fit into a Kris von Arse suit these days?

But back to Kaiser Karl. He never seizes to surprise, does he? This is the man himself in an ad, which appears to be for road safety. Now he has lost weight to don a top worn by construction site workers. Saying that, it looks pretty good on him.

But obviously it works the other way around. If I was driving along and saw him on the side of the road, wearing his sunglasses, several kilos of Chrome Heart jewellery and a fluorescent waistcoat, I’d definitively crash! And look at his car in the background – is Karl Lagerfeld driving a Skoda?

So much for fashionable road safety.

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