Thursday, July 03, 2008


You know that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep AK47 Anna Wintour talks sense into a giggling and, apparently, naïve Anne Hathaway.

She was laughing at two belts that looked identical to her and got a lecture on the importance of fashion and how that Yves Klein Blue Dorothy Perkins (insert any American cheap, ugly, boring and what-your-mum-wears label) top she was wearing have been a few years in the making. More exactly since Babadim used that colour for his AW0304 collection and Babadom showed a similar fabric the season after, or something like that.

Her conclusion: catwalk fashion matters because colours, fabric, hemlines and other details will find its way in to your (and Hathaway’s) high street wardrobe. And she’s right, of course, but what ever you do, don’t tell Romain Kremer that!

I’m sure Paris has been used and abused before. Fashion Week, and especially in the French capital, is often used as an excuse to impose scary, horrible and revolting fashion statements on us. We accept this, or at least learn to live with it, because of all the beautiful, inspiring, wearable and gorgeous things that also come out of it. But, by God, this has to stop.

Let’s hope that none of Kremer’s colours, fabric, hemlines and other details will find a way into our wardrobes. Why?

A. Not many look good in dresses made out of pantyhose fabric.
B. It looks even worse when they come in fluorescent pink, green and yellow.

And look at Kremer’s protective American Football gear. Obviously, Romain bats for the other team, but that’s no excuse (see what I did there). Bernard Willhelm has been equally inspired by American football in the past and even though you won’t find me wearing it, I can still appreciate his imagination and craftsmanship.

A catwalk collection must always have a few show pieces to keep the audience interested, and fair enough, Kremer had my attention – but for all the wrong reasons.

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