Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tom Baxter Review 31/01/08

Apparently a girl once proposed to Tom Baxter at one of his gigs. Is his charm really that irresistible?

True, Baxter is a handsome and poetic pop star who knows all the tricks - last night he swooned all the ladies with romantic tales of lost love and fulfilled dreams, he impressed the lads with occasionally bringing out an electric guitar instead of his trusted acoustic companion and his traditional folk sound was sometimes changed into both rock and salsa.

But the lead violinist from his impressive string section was more rock’n’roll than Baxter, even though he carefully swung the microphone stand to the ground before he exited the stage.

Better, the first single from his Skybound album, drew cheers but Half A Man, which Baxter performed by himself, proved to be the crowd favourite.

Occasionally Baxter and his mates created an epic and atmospheric sound but the show was killed off by his lack of stage presence. This was typical singer songwriter territory – all eyes on Tom – but the backing band, and especially the classical bass player, were the true stars of the evening.

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