Thursday, February 14, 2008

Richard Hawley Review 12/02/08

With Valentines Day just around the corner, love was definitely in the air as Richard Hawley, against a backdrop of red velvet, started off his Astoria gig with romantic single Valentine

The Sheffield crooner seduced his audience with a clever mixture of ballads and 50’s rock’n’roll, making everyone roll their hips and sing along to hits like Tonight The Streets Are Ours and Lady’s Bridge.

The former Pulp guitarist sounded more Brat Pack than Brit Pop as he drew heavily on his inspiration trio Cash/Elvis/Sinatra.

Knees wobbled as Hawley launched into the evenings highlight; the melancholic but beautiful Coles Corner from his Mercury Prize nominated album with the same name.

Not only did Richard Hawley walk the walk but he talked the talk as he entertained the crowd in between songs with his comedy banter and Northern accent.

Hawley and his four-man backing band, who this year have been nominated for a Brit Award, successfully brought his retro sound back in fashion and the streets were without a doubt his last night.

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