Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One man and his guitar.

Who said pop music can’t be rebellious? The latest star to arrive on the 2008 scene is the lean and mean music machine YOAV, who revolted against his opera singing mother by secretly listening to Wham!. “From the moment I started listening to those cheesy songs at my neighbour’s house, I knew I wanted to become a musician. I can’t describe the rush it gave me”, 29-year-old YOAV says of his musical baptism.

He ditched the prescribed piano in favour of a guitar and got to work, creating a sound that has been described as Beck produced by the Neptunes or an acoustic version of Nine Inch Nails. Only equipped with a guitar, YOAV have been whipping up a big enough storm to support Tori Amos on a 45 date US tour and hardcore fans are now awaiting his debut album Charmed & Strange, due to be released later this year on Field Recordings.

The single Beautiful Lie have since its release been in constant demand. The fascination surrounding YOAV originates from the fact that he only uses his guitar to create his melodic beats. “I’d had to play instruments that I hated, like the piano and the cello, since the age of four. I guess the guitar was my way of rebelling. ”. YOAV’s music appeals to a worldwide audience because of his international background: His father was born in Romania, YOAV in Israel. The family moved to South Africa where his love for pop music led to his escape to London, only to pack up and move to New York after a few weeks.

Along the way YOAV fine-tuned his music - developed song-writing skills and worked on his characteristic guitar sound. But it took a trip back to the UK in 2006 to get anyone else excited about his music. Label executives finally saw YOAV’s Unique Selling Point: “As a songwriter the guitar limits you strumming or picking. It’s very different if you can write something to a beat. I tried to translate dance music to guitar. I started pounding it, learning to what I could do with it, using it as my decks”. In an age of crossover music, YOAV have entered new territory, fusing his classic singer songwriter talents with the energy, beat and sweat of a dance floor. Last night YOAV saved my life.


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