Thursday, February 25, 2010

James Long London Menswear AW10 for Dazed Digital

Navy leathers and fur detailing kept the hardcore James Long fans happy
Text by David Hellqvist | Published 25 February 2010

James Long has a long-standing love affair with leather and their mutual affectionate relationship blossomed also this winter collection. But there was another factor – call it the third wheel, if you like - in the partnership this time around: blue - and lots of it!

As far as colour choices go, it was an effective one. Most menswear pieces tend to look good in shades of navy. Long tried it on biker jackets, trousers and cardigans. Another James Long newcomer was corduroy. It infiltrated the whole collection, but was at its strongest as a boiler suit. That specific garment very much summed up the collection as it was christened 'Boiler Room Boys'. But it seems opposites attracts. Except for denim work wear, there were the odd “promiscuous boys” outfit as well. Leather jackets with generous fur detailing kept hardcore James Long fans happy. But more than preaching to the converted, Long reached out and designed a wearable and commercial collection.

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?
James Long: The models were Boiler Room Boys. The heat of a boiler room influenced the main print of the show.

DD: What was the red print al about?
James Long: It’s hot and sweaty in the boiler room and the print is a zoomed-in microscope version of fever particles. And the boiler work wear inspired all the denim.

DD: Were the cardigans made out of mohair?
James Long: Yes, and that represented mould growing on the fever.

DD: It feels a bit bionic!
James Long: Yeah, also because the corduroy is treated to be shower proof

DD: A favourite piece from the show?

James Long: Well, I’m already wearing the jump suit.

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