Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Put A Record On: Gossip Dispels The Rumors
June 22nd, 2009 | Portland

With Gossip releasing its fourth studio album, many music insiders feared that the only thing standing in the way of the band's success was a certain hit single. Several critics had written them off as a one-hit-wonder, but the sheer power of new album Music for Men testifies to a group with strong enough integrity and musical power to rise above any qualms.

Beth Ditto is still the queen of soul rock and she clearly has the ability to give kudos and personality to any half-decent album. Not that Music for Men is bad—it nicely sticks to the winning formula of punk-oozing guitar riffs, bass-heavy funk beats and soul-dripping choruses. First single "Heavy Cross" is an excellent song, easily matching mega-hit "Standing In The Way Of Control," though maybe a little bit too similar from time to time. In fact, you'll probably spend much time dancing to this disco stomper all summer long, if aren't already!

All criticisms aside, Gossip has it all: tunes, attitude and unconventional looks—at least compared to other chart topping rock bands. But isn't that why we love them? Ditto charms everyone, and has by now graced just about every fashion magazine cover there is. Meanwhile, "Men In Love" ads James Murphy-esque cowbells, "8th Wonder" starts off with wild guitars and "Love Long Distance" sees Ditto resting her voice in a slowed-down love ballad, which is one of the album's high lights. This band's brilliance is no longer just gossip—it's a fact.

Music for Men is out now, more info on www.myspace.com/gossipband.

—David Hellqvist

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