Monday, June 15, 2009

Amazing Baby review on JC Report

Put A Record On: Amazing Baby Goes Rewild
June 15th, 2009 | Brooklyn

Confidence is an attractive trait, and judging by the choice of name, Brooklyn's Amazing Baby is not lacking in positive self-assurance. Luckily, debut album Rewild doesn't let them down. The band sports clear hippy colors and music with strong psychedelic influences—much like fellow New Yorkers MGMT—and despite the familiar combination of synth-rock and high-pitched vocals, the quartet doesn't disappoint.

With its infectious guitar riffs and husky chorus, "Head Dress" is one of the strongest efforts on Rewild, but "Pump Yr Brakes," a hard-hitting chart-topper with all the right larger-than-life ingredients, reserves the prime spot. In a move evocative of Passion Pit's EP-to-full-length carryover, these two tracks were originally released on last year's Infinitive Fucking Cross EP—along with "Supreme Being" and "The Narwhal"—but were deserving of double-exposure.

For Amazing Baby novices, this repetition is a welcome spotlight, but those who have been following the band may find Rewild a bit like a record stuck on repeat. Nevertheless, the band has clearly found its calling and impresses with eleven spaced out hits. Rewild, truly, is amazing!

Rewild is out now, more info at

—David Hellqvist

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