Monday, May 18, 2009

LATE OF THE PIER - Most stylish band in pop?

Anyone who knows me will testify about my whole-hearted hate of New Rave, both music and clothes. It's a bit unfair to call LOTP New Rave but that's what many lazy people did when their debut album came out last year. Fantasy Black Channel might have been recorded by a few young, colourful and pill-popping boys, and it might be dance music adored by other kids in a similar age - but that doesn't make it shit. Or New Rave. Or both.

Actually, the record is a mish mash of music styles and tempo. It's a pleasure to listen to because each song surprises you every time and keeps you on your toes. The speed at which these guys throw beats and loops in your face is quite something. 

But to the point. Looking at this picture I'm sure you will agree that LOTP not only is a good band, but also devilishly handsome. I'm not much for pastels and white myself, but I can appreciate a good outfit when I see one. It's probably the work of a stylist, but nevertheless an image of a young band with a good sound and focused look  - not too common these days...

Look out for new material coming our way, apparently a "sunny Joy Division sound"....

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