Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It was third time lucky for Bobby G and friends last week. After seeing Primal Scream a couple of times and never walking away completely happy, their Hammersmith Apollo was a bit of make-or-break gig.

Let me explain why. I’m a massive PS fan (as previously stated on this blog) and this led to high expectations every time I went to one of their gigs. Bobby never seemed happy to be on stage, and bands with such strong front men, like PS and Gillespie, really rely on them for a successful evening.

I had almost given up hope. Add to that, even though I quite like Beautiful Future, the fact that PS has not produced a fantastic album since 2000. Riot City Blues, from 2006, concentrated on their love of MC5 inspired rock’n’roll, and I much prefer the angry techno of XTRMNTR.

In the end it was my lowered expectrations that saved me. Or should that be saved Bobby G? They opened up with Accelerator from just mentioned album. A strong song that was to set the tone of the gig. I also think it says something about PS when they’re comfortable enough to ‘waste’ the latest single, Can’t Go Back, as their second song. There were a few low points. They insisted on playing some of the calmer songs from Beautiful Future and two tracks from their popular (beats me why) album Give Out But Don’t Give In.

But all was forgiven when they, towards the end, launched into a 10 minute long version (or at least that what it felt like) of Swastika Eyes. Bobby Screamed out his anger. Andrew Innes twiddled the knobs beautifully. The backdrop visuals and laser beams added to the amazing experience. It was like dropping acid (I think) and I was quite close to overdosing.

It was loud, colourful and full of distorted melodies, yet angry and wild. Everything I want Primal Scream to be. Welcome back Bobby G!

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