Monday, December 08, 2008


Put A Record On: Bumblebeez Keep Busy
December 8th, 2008 | Sydney

Australian duo Bumblebeez has promised to write and record a new song every day for the whole month of December. They call it "an experiment in musical endurance," but others might call it just plain crazy. Whatever the case, the daring brother and sister—Chris and Pia Colonna—are already inspiring a cult following with their ambitious project.

Bumblebeez initially attracted attention for their fusion of rock and hip-hop beats, but last year's album Prince Umberto & the Sister of Ill had more of an electro vibe to it. Their latest adventure sees a resurrection of their early guitar sound with songs such as "Follow The Seals To The Land Beneath Us." This first tune has a distinctive guitar/drum/bass DNA that sounds like the beginning of a Gossip song, but quickly takes on a life of its own with simple, but infectious lyrics. The second song, "Table Shopping," is also light on vocals—not surprisingly the first thing to suffer with a 24-hour time limit—but the synth melodies are beautifully minimal, even more so than the first track.

The sibling duo is very much in synch with the demands of the record industry. Bumblebeez know that it's not enough to just release albums and go touring—people require something extra, and this ambitious project offers just that bit of difference. Bumblebeez manage to keep themselves and their audience excited by producing absorbing material that is both pop-friendly and unforgettably experimental.

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—David Hellqvist

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