Monday, October 13, 2008


Same-but-different has been the best way to sum up Oasis albums of the last decade. New album Dig Your Soul Out is, again, more of the same, but with a new kind of difference: it's better!

It's not only Oasis' audio quality that has changed either. The role of Bad Boy has switched from Liam to his brother Noel. The former, once famous for alcohol-fuelled brawling, is now in bed early and out jogging the next morning, while his big bro stays out to nurture a thirst for beer and cause a stir among the paparazzi.

Paul McCartney and especially John Lennon are, as always, major influences on the band, but this is as much a psychedelic album as a Beatles-inspired one. Among Liam's notable contributions, "I'm Outta Time and Ain't Got Nothin" deals with his infamous 2002 pub fight in Munich. Noel, meanwhile, brings out the heavy artillery for first single "The Shock of the Lightening," a top-notch stomper that ticks all the classic Oasis boxes. "Falling Down," perhaps the album's strongest song, bears a strong resemblance to "Setting Sun," a Chemical Brothers tune from 1999 for which Noel provided vocals.

Despite the inevitable eye-rolling and naysayers, Oasis can be interesting and exciting, as long as they're same-but-different. And better.

Dig Your Soul Out is now out. For more information, see

—David Hellqvist

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