Monday, June 23, 2008


Another week and another magazine hits the newsagent shelves. Yes, there are now as many fashion/art/music publications that we could all have one each! But what we’re celebrating here is the birth of something truly unique.

The Egoistic is the brainchild of Adam Saletti, former Sales Director at BON Magazine and current marketing head honcho at Fantastic Man. It has a strong visual approach to art and is truly independent since it’s founded and funded by Saletti and his partner in crime JukkaViitasara, also him a former BON employee.

Katharina Grosse

The Egoistic came together on the Argentinean pampas where the couple (in a non biblical way, of course) relaxed on a six-month (working) holiday. The high altitude, fine wine and rare meat must have done them well because the magazine, though small in circulation (but not ambition), is being sold in the finest of fine book stores and galleries.

Detlef R by Seb Patane,  courtesy of Maureen Paley, London

Subtitled Art, Nature & Old Boys it puts it inspiration on its sleeve and fulfils its promise with a Facundo Cabral interview, brightly modified nature shots and the work of both young and old artists, including the erotic tattoo-esque work of Cary Kwok.

Art junkie Saletti might have egoistic reasons for his publication, but we’re more than happy to let him, as long as we can a peek too.

Get the the Egoistic at the ICA in London but hurry up because there is only eight copies left there...

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