Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dior Homme Paris AW10 review for Dazed Digital

When Kris Van Assche showed his spring summer collection last June, it was all about the suits. He took them apart and showed everyone what a beautiful thing they are and how carefully the Dior studio constructs them. There were traces of the same philosophy in his new collection as well, but generally speaking van Assche had by now moved on to coats.

He showed dozens of coats: flowing trench coats, slim crombies and over sized pea coats. Sure, this was a winter collection, and there’s always heavy outer pieces, but van Assche went beyond the call of (coat) duty, and created a uniform silhouette for his Bercy based show.

Underneath we saw black and slim tailoring, sometimes with a tie in company. A few pants came in quite a loose fit – classic KvA territory. Other details worth noting include a Nehru collar jacket and a leather bomber jacket, shown over a suit jacket.

After a powerful black section came a similar block of coats, this time in beige and light grey colours – two shades we recognised from the previous show as well. Nevertheless Kris Van Assche has got into the swing of making impressive Dior Homme collections, and we hope he keeps up the good work!

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