Thursday, November 12, 2009

Annie review for JC Report

Put A Record On: Annie Won't Stop
November 12th, 2009 | Global

Some people are just born possessing that unique combination of talent, charisma and good looks—in other words, they are born to be stars. Norwegian songbird Annie is one such individual. Her music may verge at the edges of bubblegum-pop, but, like it or not, her songs will live with you for days after exposure. New album Don't Stop is yet another example of this infectious talent, and, just as the title suggests, she doesn't seem to have any intentions of quitting—or of letting you do so either.

Originally from Bergen, the music capital of Norway, the 32-year-old star has only released two albums to date. But Annie has been on and off the dance music scene since 1999, when she unleashed the amazing single "Greatest Hit." 2004's hits "Chewing Gum" and "Heartbeat," both off her Anniemal album, also managed to make serious waves. To keep up this chart-topping momentum on her follow-up release, she joined forces with Girls Aloud producers Xenomania and Paul Epworth, who have worked with Bloc Party and Primal Scream. The result, Don't Stop, is as good as—if not better than—anything Madonna and Kylie have done of late.

The album features other exciting music collaborations such as guitar riffs contributed by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos on "My Love is Better," and a duet with Fredrik "Datarock" Saroea on "I Can't Let Go." But it's Annie herself who sums up Don't Stop the best in "Heaven and Hell"'s finishing line: "Oh baby, I am perfect!" And indeed she really is.

Don't Stop is out now. For more information, see

—David Hellqvist

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