Monday, October 19, 2009

Girls review for JC Report

Put A Record On: Girls Get To The Heart Of It
October 19th, 2009 | San Francisco

In the cynical, PR-run music world, an interesting story is often more important than skilled musicianship and great songs. As such, Girls should be an instant hit—singer Christopher Owens was raised in the Children of God cult, but escaped as a teenager and fled to San Francisco where he met his future bandmate, Chet White. That said, Album, the duo's debut release, justifies positive press coverage on its own merits.

Girls have managed to create a characteristic—albeit melancholic—sound, which owes a great deal to Owens' amazing voice. As the band name indicates, the songs often deal with love—both successful and unanswered. Owens shows his emotional side on Laura ("You've been a bitch, I've been an ass"), while "Lauren Marie" suggests that a certain girl was at the heart of his inspiration. Owens' disturbing childhood—in which he witnessed sexual abuse and suicides—also comes through on songs like "Hellhole Ratrace."

Emotional turmoil and heartache aside, there is no doubt that Owens and White possess a knack for music that is painstakingly honest. With Girls, the duo continues the laid back power-pop tradition of California's storied music scene.

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—David Hellqvist

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