Saturday, August 01, 2009

Barack Obama on the POP Blog....


Today’s Pop is David, the younger. You know, the political fashion policeman. This week he turned a corner, as it seems he’s actually found someone who listens to his rants…

It seems that US President Barack Obama, in response to a recent POP blog about his baseball attire, has defended his choice of jeans on live television. But - truth be told - it wasn’t only THEPOP.COM that noticed the poor fit of the trousers and the surprisingly sporty design of the trainers he wore to his obligatory ball throw. No, the subject also surfaced on NBC’s Today show, when host Meredith Vieira challenged him over the outfit.

To his defence Mr. Obama said the jeans were “comfortable” and pointed out the fact that his wife Michelle was the fashionable Obama: “She looks fabulous - I’m a little frumpy”.

But wearing the trousers, dubbed ‘mom jeans’ in the US, is one of Obama’s few fashion mistakes. He has tackled the notoriously difficult casual wear by choosing navy polo shirts and beige slacks, which equals the ‘I might have dressed down but I still mean business’ - look.

Being tall and slim can be a problem when buying suits and, if anything, Obama has suffered from looking like his suits are swallowing his fragile silhouette. POTUS Obama needs to find himself a reliable tailor that truly understands his need of a smart and formal look, as well as a working world economy. Obama also sounded this warning to the American people: “Those of you who want your President to look great in his tight jeans, I’m sorry, but I’m not the guy!”

Well, praise the lord for that!

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