Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wooyoungmi SS10

Like a painter obsessing over his art - adding details and perfecting his creation - Korean designer Wooyoungmi had a seemingly similar relation to her spring summer collection, which was showed in the beautiful Palais de Tokyo. Fittingly the collection was titled The Painter and accompanied by a film showing the designer in question painting dots.

But this was not clothes to wear when painting; they were far too nice for that! So instead the connection was made through over sized pockets and an army of zips to control them, enabling the wearer easy access to a brush or napkin. The fabric covering elbows, shoulders and knees were often sliced and diced to make movement easier. Wooyoungmi staple pieces – waistcoats and trench coats – featured throughout, but had also undergone the deconstructed procedure.

Elegantly put together by stylist Andrej Skok, the Paris-based designer used pale pink and tones of nude and peach, contrasted with darker colours like blue, grey and brown. Sometimes these colours were combined as a few shorts and trousers were two-toned. There was an overall focus on arms and legs, but also the accessories impressed, especially the wooden sunglasses, rolled-up bags and garden inspired gloves. Another stellar showing from Wooyoungmi!

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