Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miharayasuhiro SS10 Dazed Digital Review/Interview

Mister Mihara might be famous for his record long collaboration with trainer giant Puma, but anyone who’s anyone will know that his real claim to fame is the perfectly balanced tailoring. In the finest cut and fabric, a few of the suits looked like they were made for casually lounging in on a Sunday afternoon – and that, folks, is rare for formal eveningwear.

He is also clearly able to juggle several sources of inspiration. This time around, for his spring summer 2010 show, he focused on as many as three main themes; desert Bedouins, outer space and army influences. With beige, grey, moss green and a smoky blue as the main colours, Mihara sent out model after model in Sahara desert attire. This after a quite long musical and visual intro, featuring space related images and sounds.

Once properly warmed up, Yasuhiro launched into a fashion tirade of layered shorts and long shirts, some of which almost touched the ground. The silhouettes were quite loose, sometimes even hinting at harem-trouser-looseness! The colour palette was, as mentioned, fairly sombre, but for good measure Mihara chucked in a red sequined shirt and a pair of shiny silver shorts. Something for everyone! Dazed Digital managed to sit him down afterwards, which in itself was an accomplishment. Mihara has loads of energy, which he willingly showed at his post-show peek-a-boo, where he, instead of just showing his face, ran around the rectangular catwalk - to the amusement of his gathered fans!

Dazed Digital: Where did you get the storyline for this collection?
Mihara Yasuhiro: From a famous book called Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It’s about the main character in the book, a young boy who lives on an asteroid planet called B612.

DD: What was the mood and atmosphere?
Mihara Yasuhiro: People are so negative these days, I wanted to inject some brightness, that’s why I had embroidered roses on some pieces.

DD: Except for the khaki and beige colours, how was the collection Bedouin inspired?
Mihara Yasuhiro: There were many layers in the show, but if you look really close you’ll see that they are all very light, thin and transparent.

DD: Utility was also big this season?
Mihara Yasuhiro: I like pockets and other utility details so they always feature.

DD: There weren’t so many trainers this time around – have you grown tired of them?
Mihara Yasuhiro: No, we still do trainers but for this collection I wanted a more chic style in the shoes.

DD: What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
Mihara Yasuhiro: The oversized shirts - they look like shirts but should be worn as a coat.

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