Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Horrors review on JC Report

Put A Record On: The Horros Show True Colors
May 5th, 2009 | London

The Horrors faced more than the normal second album syndrome when recording Primary Colours, the follow-up to debut Strange House. Due to the band members' Goth comedy looks, many critics wrote them off as a novelty act with more surface than substance. But, still with skinny black jeans and fluffy hair, the London four-piece proved to everyone that they know a lot more than how to put on mascara.

"Sea Within A Sea," the eight-minute-long lead single, sets the tone of Primary Colours. The song owes a great deal to Krautrock bands such as Can, but the boys add their own gleeful flavor to the mix. Gangly singer Faris Badwan even sounds like The Stone Roses' front man Ian Brown, while layers of electronics add to the impression of a thick wall of sound. "Three Decades" is a testament to Joy Division's influence, but The Horrors manages to keep its musical DNA intact.

Producer Geoff Barrow, of Portishead fame, has made The Horrors a major player in the current shoegazing revival by adding My Bloody Valentine influences to the record. There are several London groups—such as S.C.U.M, Romance and An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump—that sound equally dark and morbid, but The Horrors, with its matured musicianship and superb theatricality, is miles ahead.

Primary Colours is out now, more info at www.myspace.com/thehorrors.

—David Hellqvist

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