Monday, April 20, 2009


Put A Record On: The Noisettes Adopt A New Sound
April 20th, 2009 | London

While a change in musical direction can be confusing for a band's fan base, there's something exciting and liberating about not knowing what to expect from a new album. London trio the Noisettes offer just that with Wild Young Hearts, a poppy soul follow-up to 2007's jazzy punk-rock What’s The Time, Mr Wolf?.

Guitarist Dan Smith, drummer Jamie Morrison and, especially, the charismatic and beautiful singer Shingai Shoniwa are in their true element with one catchy chorus after another on this sophomore album. Lead single "Don't Upset The Rhythm" sets the tone with its upbeat party stylings, but there are also calmer songs with deeper perspectives. "So Complicated," "Sometimes" and "24 Hours" are all impressive thanks to Shingai's thoughtful lyrics and the boys' inspiring backdrop.

Much has been made of the full stop change in their sound. But, as the band says, they have changed as people and the music has followed suit. Given this impressive jump, we can't help but hope for an equally dramatic jump on their future efforts—but, for now, let's just enjoy this latest outing.

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—David Hellqvist

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