Thursday, March 05, 2009

Esquire Magazine Top Ten Best Dressed

We've stirred up a fuss about the lists in Esquire Magazine in the past and here's another one for you: The World's Best Dressed Man - Prince Charles!

Wooah, Exciting. A 60 year-old prince is the best dressed in the world!? I feel sorry for his sons. Imagine having a dad who dresses better than his two 20-something sons. But then again, William and Harry has never been known for either their interest or skills in getting dressed.

Funnily enough, number two on the list is comedian Ronnie Corbett, 78, and at number three we find actor Bill Nighy, 59. Further down Roger Federer and André 3000 lurk around. If Esquire felt obliged to pick someone from the hip-hop community, it's a good thing that they took the Outcast rapper, rather than Kanye bloody West...

It's a slightly unusual list, clearly aiming an older readership because, thankfully, there are no Henry Hollands, Nick Grimshaws or Russell Brands in the Top Ten. Jolly Good, Prince Charles!

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