Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Scores Big Time

Very rarely do we get political on this blog (I leave that to our good friend Fashion In Politics), but I think recent events in the US calls for a mention at least. I'm of course referring to the installation of Barack Obama as the 44th President of USA.

For eight years America, and consequently the rest of the world, has been misled by the Bush administration. The truth has been bent and facts distorted so that his agenda can be pushed through. Wars, global warming, economics, and science have all suffered under Bush (or prospered, in the case of wars). Now this will change. The world will not be a better place from one day to another, but at least now the truth will have an honest chance to survive.

Obama’s statement shows commitment to solving problems, not just painting them over and pretending they don't exist. He says he will talk to people who disagree with him, both domestically and internationally. This is unheard of, especially in this century. The last one would just have nuked them.

This quote should have made the inauguration speech – it could have been the Kennedy-esque words everyone was waiting for…

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Pontus H said...

Point taken! Jag fastnade också vid det där citatet. Cheers!