Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Put A Record On: Little Comets Reach For The Sky
January 12th, 2009 | Northeast-upon-Tyne

Of the fresh-faced rockers hoping to make it big in 2009, Little Comets are already a step ahead. The north England band is trying to spread some much needed joy with debut single "One Night In October" and have successfully gone above and beyond.

Little Comets makes music that counters freezing winds as well as economic doom and gloom. Even the single's cover art advertises the tune's happy-go-lucky ebullience: "We were entirely unsupervised when we made this, can you tell?" As you can expect from such a disclosure, "One Night In October" will make you jump with glee, while grinning at the lyric's comic observations.

Eschewing the usual rock and punk grandpas for inspiration, these boys cite literary heroes such as Jonathan Safran Foer, Seamus Heaney and Roald Dahl as their inspiration. Such highbrow inclinations put Little Comets in the same category with bookish bands such as Bloc Party and Vampire Weekend. And yet, Little Comets still has the energy and vigor of a garage band untouched by the vicious music industry. Their comet is truly a bright star in the sky.

For more information, see www.myspace.com/littlecometsmusic.

—David Hellqvist

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