Friday, January 23, 2009

CERRUTI A/W 09 PARIS 23/01/09

Paris Men's Week is exactly like it used to be, I'm sure. The only difference is that this time around every show review starts with assessing how the designer has adjusted his collection to the current economic cliamte. 

Who cares? It's not like these clothes are adjusted to any sort of financial situation, good or bad? No, fashion is not about the credit crunch, global warming or Kanye West. They all exist, we know that - but that doesn't mean we have to go on about them all the time...

Cerruti, a label which have spent a few seasons trying to re-discover the voice of its impressive heritage, celebrated AW09 with a best-so-far collection. Jean-Paul Knott and his co-designer Jesper Börjesson managed to produce a luxurious and wearable collection which avoided the boringness these two adjectives normally bring with them. 

Stylish, not trendy is probably the best way of describing the clothes. And that's a compliment if you ask me. Sure, there were one or two nods towards Raf Simons' Jil Sander aesthetics, but the pair managed to create their own identity and next time around it might be Raf coming to Cerruti for a heads-up.

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J.Yo said...

you are definitely right. they're stylish, chic yet not trendy.

checking cerruti out! :)