Friday, September 26, 2008

The Most Stylish Wire

Yes, I know it’s a bit late to bang on about it, but ask yourself: How can I not? Ladies and Gentlemen - The Wire. Now, I could go on about how good it is, how deep the characters go, how the complex the situation is in Baltimore and how it truly mirrors the sorry world we live in. Or how no one is genuinely good or bad, it’s a grey zone and we end up liking the bad guys and vice versa. Fear not, I won’t.

What I will say though is this: After getting through three seasons of appalling anti fashion (all we got was a mention of Perry Ellis and how, apparently, it’s the buttons on a suit jacket that determines its quality) we have finally found our man – the Most Stylish Wire. I suppose that it’s no coincidence that the man in question is from New York City, not Baltimore. Yes, I’m of course talking about Barksdale muscle Brother Mouzone.

This cold blooded contract killer features briefly in season two, where he clashes with Omar, and comes back in season three to find whoever betrayed him. Although he has a minor role in The Wire, he manages to leave quite an impression. This is partly because he is a particularly effective murderer and comes with an impressive rep, but also because he kills in style. Don’t get me wrong – this blog doesn’t condone murder but it appreciates style. It’s a commonly known fact that evil men are more stylish than the good ones.

In his Thom Browne suit, Ralph Lauren bowtie and Cutler & Gross glasses, Brother Mouzone cuts a sharp figure and that has to be appreciated. Also, you’ve gotta love a contract killer who reads Harpers Weekly…

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