Monday, August 04, 2008

Fac 51 on Broadway Market

This blog has already touched upon the subject of Factory Records’ aesthetics and the visual importance of Saville/Corbjin/Cummins to the cult of Joy Division.

So we were very happy when we found a similar theme currently showing at the Art vinyl gallery in east London; album artwork, t-shirt prints and posters relating to the Fac history and, especially, the legendary Hacienda.

Tony Wilson’s Manchester nightclub was a hotspot of global influence for art, music, design and great live music. Even Madonna performed there back in the day.

The exhibition, curated by Joy Division and New Order’s bass player Peter Hook, shows off his many T-shirts which also includes his side projects and other Mancunian bands.

Hooky is of course also trying to flaunt his new book How Not To Run A Club, something the Fac 51 crew are experts on I’m sure - the Hacienda famously made no money what so ever.

There’s also a compilation out this autumn - 20 Years of Acid House so let’s ‘ave it…, 13 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

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