Monday, June 09, 2008


There is of course no question about who will benefit the most from this. The We-Had-So-Much-Potential-But-Blew-It-All French label Surface To Air will again be taken back to the headlines with a Justice collaboration.

The first time around was when they directed the MTV Best Video winning We are your Friends, a remake of a Simian Mobile Disco tune (actually, SMD was only called Simian back then but let’s forget about that).

Surface To Air has been around for long but has always been struggling to maintain quality. Sometimes I got the impression that the design collective went for a more formal direction, crafting suit jackets and black leather shoes, but It never really worked, they were at their best with edgy t-shirts and fitted jeans. The artwork kept the label afloat but they royally messed up by losing firstly Browns and then Dover Street Market as London distributors.

Now, they’re back. In black it seems and Liberty is currently carrying the torch. The Justice collection centres around what the band is most famous for, at least clothing wise; Jeans and leather jackets. Skinny jeans and biker jackets ain’t no revolution but you’re not buying into genius design, you're purchasing a Justice lifestyle.

No doubt the Justice for Surface To Air collection will make you look like a rocker, just a shame Justice doesn’t play rock then…

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