Monday, January 08, 2007


One of London's most important night clubs, Trash, is closing tonight after 10 years. After changing venue about half way through, Trash really found fame at The End in central London. What made Trash unique was, expect for the crowds and music, the loaction of the 'indie super club' in London's west end. Most clubs in the area plays cheesy R'n'B or Progressive Trance.

When I first came to London, in the beginning of this century (how does that sound...), Trash was the best place to dance to guitar pop. Then, something happend - punk was fused with electro and electroclash created. Trash, never afraid of trying something new, took the sound on and made pop kids dance to electro music. It was a beautiful sight!

Erol Alkan mixed whatever he seemed fit for his audience and during the years I went, I was very rarely disappointed. Also bear in mind all the bands that played live on the not so big dance floor. I saw Peaches and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock the crowds. And all the talanted DJ's that graced the decks (Tiga, Soulwax, James Murphy, Paul Epworth, Justice and so on).

Anyone in London - or maybe even beyond the UK - who was even the slightest interested in music, have at one point, wandered down the stairs to Trash to enjoy a good tune. Trash is dead, long live Trash!

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